Lirik Lagu Ne-Yo – Everybody Loves / The Def Of You

Lirik Lagu Ne-Yo - Everybody Loves / The Def Of You

Tammy Vanity, pretty as the ocean on a summer day, shallow as a puddle

She does it ‘casue she loves it
But so do I, so who the hell am I to judge it
I still do though, it’s always easier to point out sobebody else’s problems than face [?] you though
Her drug, the life and she used me to get closer to it
And I ain’t no better, cause I let her do it
So we both lying
But she so fine
So is it her problem, or mine?

She only love me when I’m on top
Only time I hear from her is right around the BET awards
VMA, AMAs and Billboard’s
Asking me what I’m nominated for
Or if I’m performing
She be like “Don’t forget to call me for the party”
Only love me when I’m hanging with celebrity friends
Use me to get closer to them
Chris Brown, Trey Songz or maybe even Jigga
She be life “If you going can I come with ya?”
“And can you ask trey is I can get a picture?”
Table hopping in the club
But for some reason she always get looks

Cause see you can’t deny that girl is beautiful
But only on the outside
It’s a drug
And she’s a junkie but that don’t matter though
Why? Cause see everybody loves the (the life, the life)

Text her just to chill, random nights, no response
Grammy weekend roll around
She texting me like “Sexy what ya doing?”
When any other time it’s me pursuing
Concert coming, telling she looking for tickets to it
Asking who I’m cool with
When she need the hook up, it’s me she look up
Ooh and I know to her I’m just a free ride
But the sex is so good that I let it slide
No I’m not proud of it, I’m really not
But I cannot deny she’s really hot
When she come through with all that ass she got
Naw he’s got to go down that road, he’s got to face them demons himself before he can acquire that knowledge. The money solves one group of problems only to introduce another. Strangers become friends, friends become enemies. The fame, just like any other drug feels incredible until you realize all that adoration, all that love, ain’t real. And the women, huh, the women, a drug you use that uses you right back. A high for a high so to speak. Which brings us to Tammy

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