Lirik Lagu Ran – Warna – Warni Dunia

Lirik Lagu Ran - Warna - Warni Dunia

We go by the name of R, A to the N
We`re three normal guys try in to make new friends by
Making music that you guys understand
And if you guys like it, we appreciate it, then..
Let`s start the show, rock the boat, but don`t stop because you can`t stop the flow
Go on dressed up, because the party`s about to start on one, two, three, four!

Indahnya warna warni dunia yang terasa indah di dalam asaku
Oh betapa indah hidup ini saat ku dimabuk asmara

Oo getar-getar cinta yang telah tumbuh diantara kita
Menambah indahnya kisah cinta kita berdua

Yeah, when I saw you on friendster
Then I added you as my friend
Girl, my mind was always full of you
Girl, waste no time because I wanna tell you it`s true

That I love you and you love me
we`re gonna make a happy family
I`m Rayi and that`s it from me

Don`t run, because we about to have fun

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